day 6…yup, i’m thankful!!!

I know it may seem like I shouldn't be thankful, since McCain lost the election, but I am soooo very thankful…I am thankful I can raise my voice and say what I believe. I am thankful I can dialogue with friends that do not hold the same opinions as I do when it comes to the issues and walk away feeling better about them and myself because I love them anyway. I am thankful I am filled with love for a country that was founded on the whole ideal of religious freedom, which we still have…for which I am also thankful!

But today, I am especially thankful for my ability to homeschool. I didn't do so well today as far as going over subjects with the kids, due to some busyness in our house!! (oh what a day…some day I'll remember this day and laugh!!)…but I am sooooo thankful for the freedom that the federal and state government has given me to be able to teach my children the curriculum of OUR choice, with a God-filled agenda and a purpose of teaching our children how to learn. And you know what? they are doing wonderfully this year! They are listening…they are telling me the stories…they are diagramming the sentences…they are asking some of the greatest questions…(Mom, why was it okay with God for Jacob to have two wives?) … I love homeschooling! and I am thankful for it! yes i am!! 🙂


my pic for the day…ohhh I get this face quite a bit during school! and I love this face!!!

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