day 14, 15, and 16!!! wow!! life is going fast!!

Omygoodness, how much life can we stick into one week?? In this house, GOBS!!! today (the 14th) we did an amazing amount of partying!! LOL!!! So here are my grats in day order!! LOL!!!

day 14 (Wednesday, the 12th)…Ohhhhh, I am thankful that my children clean and clean quickly!! I was sooo thankful for NO RAIN so that quentin's team could practice and i could bring cupcakes in honor of his birthday! it was very fun…and sugary! the defensive coach also brought donuts, so I was a bit sick watching the boys eat a cupcake and donut!! LOL!!!!

day 15 (Thursday, the 13th)…I'm thankful for my friend Sharon who came and threw a party for me and mom, showing her Home and Garden wares! She is a dear friend and special person!! and her wares were very very kewl!! great prices! and beautiful stuff!! wanna peek?? My party closes tomorrow (sat, the 15th)…you can buy something and have it shipped right to you!! ahahaha!! I'll be having another one when she comes in march, cause i wanna see their spring line, too! Here's the link to my party!!

day 16 (friday, the 14th)…OMGoodness…I'm thankful for Donnie and his generosity. Not only did he buy me a gorgeous piece of art last night at my party, he took us all out to lunch today; took us to Madagascar2 with the kids, his sis and her kids and his mom; then brought us home…let us rest for 20 mins…then took me and deAnna to Quantum of Solace…THEN to Chili's for a drink and appetizer!! yummm!! What a day!! I'm bushed!!! and thankful…thankful for a wonderfully generous and sexy husband!! yup…i love him!!

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