day 13…(yesterday)

Okay…so I was NOT thankful when I went to bed last night, and I kept thinking, I just need to get my computer out and BE THANKFUL! But I just couldn't…I was too mad! I was mad that my kids take forever to get their stuff and leave their grandparents' house. I was mad that one of my children was all bouncy at Oma's house, and 5 (yes…I really mean 5…not an exageration!) minutes later was complaining about how tired she was and couldn't carry anything to the house from the car! Omgosh…I was livid! I was mad that I was walking in to a messy house and I have a party to give on Thursday night! and yes, I was mad that once again, I was sleeping alone. *sigh*

Before you think this is just a rant, there is a wonderful happy ending!! After yelling at the bouncy/non-bouncy one, sending everyone but cora to bed, and deciding that I was going to bed, too, I held my son. Just held him for a long time. He thought I was just being silly, but I was getting rid of my anger, crankiness, and bitterness!! Then we just laughed and I looked at his sweet little 11yo face, and yep, you got it…I was thankful!!

*thankful for my son who just turned 11 yesterday!


*thankful for the flowers my husband's project manager sent me yesterday. They were a thank you gift for my supporting Mr Gorgeous in CA…How nice is that? They don't hold me at night, BUT they are totally gorgeous on my kitchen table and are seriously helping me clean up my house for my party Thursday night!! Thanks, Karen!


*thankful for our wonderful museums in Houston that I am adoring! The docents that we have gotten to teach our children have been fabulous!! Here's a pic of the kids that went yesterday!


*I just have to add that I'm thankful that starting Thursday afternoon, I will not have to sleep alone for two and a half weeks…*sigh* I can't wait!!!

What are you thankful for?

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