I love facebook…

So my friends and family think i'm addicted!!! luckily most of them are on there too!! heehee!!

it's kinda like a blog … or maybe i just treat it like that! oh well, it's fun to see what everyone is doing all the time!!

me…i'm teaching my kids about the beginning of time, doing big important projects, scrapping here and there, joining a new ct to keep me posting like i should!!lol!! ordering me some stampin' Up!…what else? welcoming my momma home from her trip to New England! Now she has been to all 48 contiguous states!! what an inspiration!! in her honor, i'm going to go somewhere…oh yeah!!! I'm going to Cozumel to party with my scrapping buddies!!!! in a little more than two weeks!! yay!

okay one football pic to share!! then it's off to bed with me!

3rd football game 064

last Saturday, they lost…sigh…but he looks great chasing this cowboy! LOL!!


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