still here…barely!!!

yep…life has its way of teaching you things you may not have wanted to learn right then!! LOL!!

So last week, I was reading a friend's post on the Os about how her computer crashed and she lost everything…all her pages and everything. I kept thinking, that could be me!! I need to back up, I need to back up. we have an EHD, although I didn't really know how to hook it up to my puter (come to find out it's a USB cable…DUH!!!!)…

yep, you can guess the rest of the story! I woke up on Thursday to the crazy screen of death. Something is very wrong with my puter. I kept thinking about last year's football pics and last years gym meet pics and all my Yosemite pics (ACKKKKKKKKKKK) and then this peace just came over me. I looked around and thought, you know, God is great!! He gave me a wonderful family and a wonderful husband. My kids are learning well, my house is cozy, and I'll make it through!! Then Mr Gorgeous started telling me that it was going to be alright. We'd find a way to get my pics and pages and all my stuff back!

So to make a long story even longer!! last night we recovered all of my STUFF!!! I am still copying it over to several EHDs and then I'll take my puter into Fry's where we have our warranty. So they will fix it completely for FREE AND give me a loaner to use in the meantime. Repairs can take up to 8 weeks!! (UGH!!)

Right now, I'm using cora's computer!! so I'm not suffering! LOL!!!!!! I even scrapped two pages this weekend on her computer using her PSE6 which she got for Christmas. Here ya go!!


I found that she has a gob of scanned in little girlie pics of her…sooooo cute!!!!


and this one I totally love love love!!!

So now I'm trying to get my life in order so i can take care of my sweet husband who takes such great care of me!! And I hope to post later tonight about some other stuff I'm into right now!! a challenge at the O, the Artist's Way…, and some new kits that I love love love, too!! LOL!! for now, ciao!

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