some shelter pics…

right now, we are all just hanging out, on all the computers in the house. The kids are outside playing in the wind…it's not too bad, I guess…they are staying in our yard, so I guess it's not too bad!! LOL!!

Here are some pics from yesterday and today of our boarded up house…don't worry about the front windows. We will sleep in the living room and our bedroom where every window is boarded up!! The real bad storm is supposed to hit between tonight and tomorrow morning.

Here is Donnie cutting the wood for our windows…


and those back windows boarded up…


my bedroom window…


our kitchen window outside…


and inside…


and our garage (with our weeks worth of garbage!!)…


and the front of our house…


So we are watching the news and keeping up to date to what is going on! Feel free to comment or ask anything!! hopefully we will have power throughout this whole storm!! thanks for your thoughts and prayers…

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    Hey there!! I hope it doesn’t hit you to hard!! I am thinking of you all!

    How is it now?

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    Sally! I’m hoping you guys are all ok. I watched CNN constantly last night, wondering how Houston was faring. Stay safe sweetie!! LOVE that Geraldo clip! Yikes! He went for a ride!!

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    Hey, the Dewhirsts from WA, just wondering how you rode out the storm? Blessings and prayers, Erin

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    Hi doll!!! Just checking in…how are you?

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