I'm still 38 as of right now…although if I lived in NYC, I'd be 39!! LOL!!! I'm still a youngin'…yup, just a baby!!

So, here's what I did today…I drove around a LOT…i put money in the bank (cozumel, here we come!!)…I drove more…I scrapped two paper LOs (YAY!!)…drove even more…learned about a new dental tool called hydrofloss…yup, you got it…drove around some more…led worship tonight (*sigh* i have been missing that!!)…prayed with a small group…and yup – again, drove around a bunch!!

Putting my feet up – well, I'm really in bed already! I love my laptop! I have to share my two LOs with you, of course!!

i was playing scrapbook Bingo with my scrap from your stash group, so these LOs were from those challenges.


all paper


hybrid LO! (I think I posted the digi part earlier…)

sooo that's my scrapping for the day. i'm gonna go do a challenge digitally…ciao!!

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