this is called procrastinating!!

yeah…it’s 12:27 and I’m supposed to be finishing up my packing for our 7:45AM flight tomorrow…or should i say today…but instead I’m here on my BLOG which I have not updated in a million years!! (okay 5 days!! YIKE!!!!!

Yes, I’m happy to be getting on a plane with my gorgeous husband and spending a week with him in CA will be sooo wonderful!!! but I hate figuring out what I need !! YIKES!! I just hope I rememebered all of my chargers!! phone, camera, laptop? any more??? LOL!!

AND I’m doing Kat’s 21 day challenge!! I’m ADDING a habit of Food prep…what does that really mean? Well, for some days it’s going to mean different things, but the main meaning is that I am not relying on anyone else to get the food on the table for me and my family. Even though 2/3rds of my fam will be relying on others to feed them this week while I’m out of town, I still need to feed me and MR Gorgeous!!

And then when I get home, there will be no more “what are we eating, and why aren’t you making it?” (MR Gorgeous does not say that…the kids, however, do!!LOL!! and actually I say it to mr gorgeous while i am lounging lazily on the comfy chair that I so rudely stole from him!! LOL!!!) So no more of that! that habit will be broken in 18 days!!

I’ll report in tomorrow night from a different time zone!! WOohoooooo!!

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