some quick first day of school pics!!

Yup…we started…well, we are in orientation week, which means we are in the process of getting our books and learning what MOM expects from us in our work, and cleaning up our school supplies and taking inventory and shopping out the wazooooooo!! ohhh, I mean, going to the library and doing academic stuff like that!! LOL!!

Here they are…the student body of Keller Creative Learning Center!


We always take our first day pics next to this tree…I'll scrap this pic with last year's pic, too…it'll be great!! LOL!!

and Here are the individual grades…

Our First Grader, Lillian:


Our Fourth Grader, Emma:


Our Fifth Grader, Quentin:


and Our Freshman in High School (*shriek!!!!*), Cora: (btw, that would make me 12 when I had her…LOL!!! okay, maybe not…heh heh):


and some quick pics at johnny Rockets where we had our traditional First day outing!!





Stay tuned for the further adventures of Keller Creative Learning Center…documented frequently on this BLOG!! 🙂

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    Wow, you have your hands full homeschoolilng four. Sounds like you have it down to a science. Have a great year!

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    Wow, I just read Lillian’s (great name by the way)story and I am bawling. It is rare to find a true miracle and she definitely is one. thank you for sharing.

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    Aww, you guys are too cute! Love the pics at Johnny Rocket’s. I love how you take pics by the tree, we shoulda done that with Ella! Great idea.

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