*sigh* I’m home…

I am soooo thrilled to be with my babies, but I am sooooo sad to leave Mr gorgeous!!! We had such a whirlwind weekend!! It was jam packed and exhausting and phenominal and ohhhhhh everything!!! I have such a dream for a husband!!! He whisked me about the California countryside like only a wonderful man could!! (thanks, honey!!!!)

Friday, we spent the day in Napa Valley trying out wonderful new wines (new to us!!) and seeing the absolutely GORGEOUS countryside!! Here are a couple of shots of our wonderful day in Napa!!


that is us at the Franciscan Winery…Loved it!!!


and a wonderful shot of a Napa Valley Vineyard…They are beautiful!!

Now, on Saturday, we spent the most of the day in SanFrancisco. We know the town now! We walked it and drove it and just had a fabulous time!! The first thing we did was to go to the famous Pier 39. OMGosh…the whole state of california was there with us!! LOL!!! we couldn't believe it…

As a matter of fact, I have come up with a little game for you in honor of the entire multitude of people that were at Pier 39 yesterday!!! LOL!! This game is called…


the object of the game is obviously to find me amidst all the peole!! LOL!! kind of a Where is Waldo take-off! LOL!! I'll show you a pic to find me in…and then I'll show you another with me a bit more obvious!! LOL!!! Having fun yet??? Oh, we just laughed and laughed about it when we were taking these!!







Can you see me now????






Sooooooo that's just the beginning of my San Fran trip…I'm gonna hold some of my pics til later, so as not to douse you in California!! LOL!!! I hope to get some time to continue scrapping these this week in between planning school and getting my books organized. Thanks sooo much for playing with me and reading my silly antics!!

Stay tuned to see more and experience more of life with me!! I'm in process of scrapping what I learned on my trip…life changing!! that's for sure!!

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