I am in California!!! yay!!

So today began my personal vacation! Donnie is working here in Cali and I got to tag along with him this week!! I told him earlier, I felt like a stowaway!! 🙂 So I am doing a digital travel journal!

Here are today’s pages. Click on the pics to read what went on today!


and continuing on…


Thanks for reading!! stay tuned tomorrow for more adventures of Sally in CAlifornia!!

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    Love the journal, Sally! I’m so glad you are having fun in CA!

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    Sally I so love that!!! That is a fabulous idea! What is that font your using I love it 🙂 Yes…you two are the most adorable couple two 🙂

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    Nice pics!

    Yeah, you missed all the excitement here in Houston from Tropical Storm Edouard- we had only minor damage: 2 lawn chairs were blown over. They are back in the standing position now, and things are back to normal.

    Enjoy your trip!

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