OMGoodness…21 days of inspiration!!!!!

I am blown away by everyone’s support as I did my 21 day challenge!! Thank you from the depths of my heart!! I have a little giftie for the top five people in my list, and a GRAND PRIZE for the first person on the list!!!

Here’s the deal…I went to RANDOM.ORG, because I realized that I had 93 comments on my BLOG during the 21 day challenge. So in order to use a hat and Lillian, I would be spending my day cutting out little strips of paper instead of doing my projects for tonight’s stamp club!! LOL!! So I entered every name from every comment and chose the top five people on the RANDOM list taht was generated!! I’m excited!! You are going to receive a 5$ GC to Wal-Mart…that may not sound like much, BUT this is something you can use to pamper yourself! You can get some fun bubble bath that you just wouldn’t splurge for, or a box of Russell Stovers Chocolates (that’s probably the way I would go!! LOL!!!) or just anything!!!

I’m going to send each of you a handmade card, so I need you to send me your address, please!! and I promise not to sell your address to anyone on the internet!! I’m pretty honest!! LOL!!

And our GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a $15 GC to the online store of her choice. It can be a paper store or a digi-store (or LOL!!)…anywhere you want!! That will be delivered VIA e-mail…

sooooooo are you ready to find out who picked in the top list???

scroll down….

drum roll….


random pic of my son doing the drum roll…

drum roll again…

(he’s an incredible drummer!!)…

and here it is…the list!!

  1. chris
  2. tali
  3. chris
  4. tali
  5. tali
  6. kat
  7. frank
  8. sandra

Timestamp: 2008-07-22 15:01:22 UTC

Soooooooooooo, CHRIS, you are our grand prize winner!! and Chris, Tali, Kat, Debbie, and Sandra, you will all be receiving GCs in the mail!! Please e-mail me your address! (Actually, just Kat and Tali! I have the rest of you on my list!! hehheh!!!)

and thanks again for a wonderful, wonderful 21 days!! DON’t STOP there!!! I’m still going…if you are going to add another habit, be sure and let me know. I’m feeling a cooking challenge for me coming on, so I’m sure I’ll need the accountability!!

Oh, and I’ll still be blogging everyday and I’m sure I’ll need your comments to make me smile!! thanks girlies!!! love you ALL!!

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