my first day…

I did it!!!! I took some time. I had a quiet time! Altho I yelled at one child during it…I’ll have to work on that! LOL!! I am going to create a hybrid project to put on my door so the kids know I’m out of commission during that time! LOL!!

Here is what I learned today during my time. By the end of this week, I will have the second scripture memorized! Ohhhh it doesn’t get any better than this! These words are soooo encouraging. I hope they encourage you!


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    Oh Sally I love your 21 day challenge and am pleased you enjoyed your time today! I just saw Kat’s post and thought it was an AWESOME idea. I will be playing along even if I don’t post on my blog, I’m so busy! Thanks so much for the motivation 🙂

    Cheers Sonia

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    Hi Sally!!! I did it…I posted day #1 on my blog! Woooottt!!! This is sooo inspirational!! Love it 🙂

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    I walked today!!!

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