my day three

today was tough. But I did it. I flossed this morning and I took about 10 minutes to just be with myself this afternoon. We had fam over and the kids were all swimming, but I snuck out and picked up the guitar for a few minutes. Okay, Mr Gorgeous walked in on the last 3 minutes of it and sang a song with me. It was really fun…but I did pick up my guitar and come up with a fun groove and chord chart. Although I didn’t write it down. I’ll do that sometimes…I think if it was meant to be, I’ll come up with it again. And so this song will come about soon! I love creativity! Any types…glad that this habit is forcing me to pull away from life for a few minutes and reflect. It’s sort of a “thinking” habit, of which I am in desperate need. Sometimes I just live life on the fly without thinking at all…but it’s time to get life into gear. I don’t want to miss out, just because I was lazy!

So tonight, I did take the challenge. I didn’t even realize it was midnight when I got on a chat at the O and found out what the power lift was. But I did it anyway. Here is my lift of hyperstarre…


and here is the link to my gallery so you can leave me some lovin’! LOL!! happy Fourth EVE…altho it is 12:46am which means it is really the Fourth of July!! LOL!!

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