day one!


Here we are on day one of our 21 day Habit forming challenge. Basically what we are doing is picking something we want to change, add, or get rid of in our lives to make ourselves better! We can’t really change others in our lives, but we can definitely change ourselves. So today is a new day!! Embrace it.

the rules are:

* pick a habit you want to have.

* practice that habit for 21 days.

* journal, create a LO, blog, do an art journal page, write a post it note quickie, something written that says what you did each day.

* post a comment here each day that you did what you wanted to (or you didn’t! It’s okay to fail…that’s where we learn the most!!)

* IF YOU POST EVERYDAY for a week, you will be entered into a drawing for one of two prizes! If you are a digi-scrapper, you will be entered into the drawing for a 5$ GC at If you are a paper scrapper, you will be entered into the drawing for a FREE STAMP SET from Stampin’ Up!!! yay!!! This is weekly, folks!

* So, don’t forget to post your comments here!! There will be two drawings for three weeks! That is 6 FREEBIES!!! YAY!!!

Okay, so my habit is quiet time! Did you figure that out from yesterday’s clue. I am in desperate need of my quiet time in the afternoon, but I always let the time get away from me. My goal is to step away from my computer, my home responsibilities for 30 mins each afternoon (which we fondly refer to as the “bewitching hour!!”) and read, pray, worship with the guitar…something quiet and refreshing. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? See? habits can be great!!! LOL!!

and for your inspiration, a picture! this inspires me!! What inspires you to keep on?


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