day 7!


Happy day 7!! I’m feeling generous today, so if you post a comment on this day’s entry and tell if you are a paper scrapper or a digi scrapper, I will enter you in today’s drawing. AND this is whether or not you did you 7 day goals or not!! You do have to have at least attempted to start your habit, so I’m leaving that to the honor system!

If you have reached your 7 day goal so far, be sure and post that and i will enter you into a third drawing for a special little something…yep…something really great!!! We still have two more weeks, so if you didn’t reach your goal last week, you have some more time to get in on the goodies!!

Keep posting and persevering! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

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    Happy Day 7!

    Today, Ella and I skipped down the lane to the mailbox. The we had a rather crazy dance party (just Ella and the twinks and I). That is my exercise for the day. We are going camping tomorrow with lots of swimming and bike riding. I will try VERY hard to get on and comment before we leave. 🙂

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    Hi there sunshine!!! ((hugs)) Hope you had bunches of fun today! My “ME” time was ORGANIZING!! I re-organize my bedroom because it just wasn’t functioning for me…and I need a happy downtime place to go to. I spent 20 minutes looking at my shutterfly books I made of Nick from when he was a baby…and crying! Awwww where did my little one go?? *LOL*

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    Sally, you are feeling generous! I got my exercising in today walking back and forth to the buffet at Golden Corral! And shopping at Sam’s Club! Oh and I’m a paper scrapper!

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