day 6!


Oh yay and howdy!!! we are almost to day 7 and you know what that means!! FREE STUFF!! (holding that carrot out for you to keep you going!!)

I’m really excited that we are on day 6!!! Sooooooo get off your couch and get your habit formed!! LOL!!

Post here today and let me know what you did! I’ll do the same!! enjoy!

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    Yeah!!!! Still going strong!! Today my “ME” time was a nap so I could recharge my batteries 🙂 Not glamorous but I loved it 🙂 Hope you are having a fab day!

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    Awwwww Sally I just read Lil’s story…I cried. ((hugs)) My friend! What an amazing little one you have!

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    Today is Sunday…my day of rest from exercising, but I am reporting in! I also lost 1 lb this week! Which isn’t bad considering eating all that junk on the 4th! Hope everyoone is doing great on their “habits”!

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