day 5!


Ohhhh it’s the weekend!! Don’t give up!! We are going to do this for 21 days!! YAY!!!

Enjoy your weekend, but don’t forget, this habit is for you! Keep falling like those rain drops!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Press on toward the prize!

And speaking of prizes, don’t forget to post here on my blog to be entered into the wonderful OScraps $5 GC or the FREE Stampin’ Up! stamp set!! YAY!!!!!

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    I’m here! I posted on Day 4 too… but it’s only day 3 for me LOL – I’m sorta off the wagon due to vacation, but I am making a conscious effort to at least make healthier/better eating choices! And since I wasn’t traveling in the car, I got exercise today – about 2 hours in the pool!

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    I am horribly off on my habits! Well, not so much on my new habit, but, on posting here. I tell ya, this whole holiday throws a girl off!

    So, I’ll just recap what I did on the 5th. We took the kids swimming and I had my reunion. The exercise comes in on the swimming part. 😉

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