day 4!


Happy Fourth of July!!! Hope you are taking a moment to do your habit today!! Yes, I’ve flossed!! I know you all will be getting tire of hearing me say that…although if it motivates ya, I’ll keep on!!

This quote is supposed to be motivational! and I’m excited to say that every mile you travel on your journey toward your dream is worth it!!

I’m reminded that sometimes the obstacle gets bigger than our vision can see. Keep your dreams in focus…look OVER the obstacle…OR make the obstacle smaller by meeting it head on! Me, I pray. And I realize that I need help to see over the obstacle and God’s vision is bigger. Today, I know that I have about 25 people coming over to my house. So i took about five minutes to really meditate and pray on how to change my cranky attitude (yep, even I get cranky!! Cora, hush!! LOL!!). I walked out of my room (my sanctuary) refreshed and with a new attitude. YAY!!! I hope this example helps you in your journey!!

Have a wonderful day…Here’s your invite to my house today!! LOL!!


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    Can I come to the party? Sounds great! I am thinking I am going to pick another habit to go along with my reading challenge because I am having too much fun with the reading and need to some self improvement too! Need to think about that. I did finish the Cinderella Pact, and I reviewed it on Good Reads, which is one of my favorite sites these days. Thanks for the continued inspiration, Sally!

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    Well Sally, I didn’t really exercise today. I drove to my parents’ house and we will be here this weekend. But tomorrow I’m gonna try to run around a little more, maybe go swimming. 🙂 Have a Wonderful 4th sweetie!

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    Sally I am loving being “accountable” to you! This is so helping me remember to exercise daily!

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    I love you invite 😉
    I fell off the wagon yesterday and didn’t post…so off i go to do it now!

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    I love you invite 😉
    I fell off the wagon yesterday and didn’t post…so off i go to do it now!

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    Well, I’m sorta off the wagon because of vacation… I have posted on my blog about that whole thing though. I am still doing what I can so that come Tuesday, I’m in a good place to pick up!

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