day 17!


17 days!!! can u believe we have come this far? Don’t give up now!!! You can do it! I can do it!! I’m feeling it!! I actually can’t wait to pick another habit to form in this manner. This is such a great motivating challenge for me to get my life in order!!! HOw about you? Are you sticking with me? Post a comment to let me know how things are in your life!!!

BTW, I’m conjuring up a little grand prize drawing. Here is the deal…I love a LOT of participation, Soooooo, everyone who posts will be entered into my drawing. I will put your name in as many times as you have posted this whole challenge!! So, even if you are not doing your 21 day challenge, go ahead and tell us how things are going! You can enter to win a BIG prize!! 🙂 This will last until next Tuesday at 8am! So tell us how you are doing each day! Inquiring minds want to know!

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    LOVE today’s quote, Sally!! Really great.

    I missed yesterday, we were super busy. By missed, I mean that I missed posting here. But, we did walk around a lot at the zoo and shopping, so I think I got a good deal of exercise. I was also wearing cute uncomfortable sandals, and I think they worked my legs more than usual. 😉 Planning on hopping on the elliptical for a few today.

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    Thanks again Sally for getting me started on a good habit of exercising! I haven’t exercised yet today, but last night I played more Wii sports and played REAL tennis with DH.

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    Sally– you are rockin!!!!
    And TY for getting me motivated- I have added in two additional habits and I am so stoked!

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    Well, I did my FIt in 15 today (lower body/core exercises). If I ever get in shape Sally it will be thanks to you for getting me going!

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    LOL – Sally this is sooo true… these quotes are fabulous… thank you so much!

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    Can I just post here to say I love you? 😀

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