day 14!!!!!!


OKAY!!! We are two-thirds of our way through!! YAY!!! are you feeling it? Are you doing your habit without thinking about it yet? If not, don’t give up!!! It will come!! Keep hanging on! Just like the quote says…you can do this!!!

Okay, I skipped flossing yesterday, BUT I did have little pockets of quiet time, including a two hour nap! yum!! Love Sunday naps. I just wish I didn’t feel like I had a hangover on Monday when I stayed up so late on Sunday night and actually had to get up on Monday!!

Tell me how your day went today!! I’m cooking up a grand prize-type thingy in lieu of a weekly giftie this week!! Stay tuned to the BLOG!! YAY!!!

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    Today went well eating-wise… I had a hard time getting Matthew down for a nap so exercise didn’t happen, but I know there’s going to be days like that… another awesome quote, Sally!

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    Hiya Sally!!! ((hugs)) Sorry I missed you tonight!! I blogged about my “ME” time 🙂 Love ya!!!!

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    I got up and exercised 1st thing this morning! I gained 2 lbs while my parents were visiting, so I need to work my butt off (literally, well my tummy more so)!

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    Well, today was a bust for exercise. 🙁 Ella refused to nap until 3 pm, and then the boys woke up right away. So, no elliptical time for me today. Tomorrow will be better, I hope!

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