day 12! and my days 11 and 12…

Wow!! It’s 10:26 pm and I’m finally getting around to posting today!


I have had some incredible days lately and part of it is due to having something that is structured. Now my timing may not be always the same, but just the mere fact of going into my room, telling my beautiful children not to disturb me (more like, don’t you dare bug me for the next twenty mins!! LOL!!), and just relaxing and seeking and searching has been an oasis!!! A wonderful place of comfort and rest. I read a quote the other day that was fantastic. I tried to quote it during last night’s prayer service at church, but alas, my memory needs work…(that is part of my quiet time regime, too!! LOL!!) Here’s the quote: (and I am doing it from memory now…):

“If we want to live for Him, we must be fuelled by Him.” Darlene Zchech (Hillsong Australia)

Love that quote! Love to be fuelled daily by Him!!

What have you been doing lately to be fuelled? Let me know!!! And BTW, I’m still flossing!! hope that encourages you! heehee!!

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    I was a good girl today, Sally! I hopped onto the elliptical even though I wanted to scrap. 🙂 Desperately! But, I did it for 20 minutes. We also took a nice long walk tonight with the kids.

    Tomorrow we are going on a sculpture walk, so more exercise there!

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    It was a hot one here today too! I did a lot of walking and even got a little pink to show it! Off to bed now…

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