Today is my 21st day in a row to BLOG consistently!!! I can even upload a couple of LOs that I’ve done in the past month!! YAY!!

I also have some LOs that I’m hoarding for submission! I wonder how many LOs I need to create to keep up with submitting and doing a LOTD challenge…hmmmmmm sounds kinda frantic!!!!

well, in the spirit of Rhonna Farrer, I want to start a 21 day BLOG challenge. It will start on the 1st of July and we are going to pick a habit to start. You can pick a habit to undo, also, but be sure you have a new one to replace the old one! This is a principle I have started practicing…if I have a bad thought that I need to get rid of, I replace it with a good one! Much easier than just trying to “UN-think” my thoughts!

So…start dwelling on what you want to change in your life!! I’m gonna pray to see how God wants me to change, in what areas and so…

don’t worry…you won’t need to have a blog. you can always comment here!! But of course, as I’ve found with my 21 day habit i just created, a BLOG is a lot of fun!!! LOL!!

Here are a couple of new LOs I haven’t posted anywhere yet!! I need to do that!! wow!!





I may have uploaded some of these to my OScraps Gallery, but I don’t think so!! they will be up soon!! I hope to spend the weekend organizing and enjoying my creations!! LOL!!! Shutterfly, here I come!!

Leave a comment or give me some feedback…I love a good constructive criticism!! Have a great day crafting!!

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    you just so totally rock!!!
    I want to play along!!!!
    I am going away to my moms next weekend, but I’ll have my laptop and (no internet) but Word. I might just have to do this with you. And smack me if I don’t!


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    Yay for 21 straight days!!!

    Love the layouts, very artsy!! 🙂

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    Love all the layouts–especially the Sweet Moments one!

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