Sooo at my digi home,, we have a forum thread that is started everyday by my dear friend, Chris, or whoever gets up first, called the DAILY Os. Each day we have a fun little "saying" or thingy we do…Monday is "me me monday". we tell what we are going to do for ME today!!

So here are my ME ME do-todays…


what girlie doesn't love Target???

Here's a couple of fun things I got for me…


this is actually a picture of a plate, but I got a soft bath mat that looks exactly like this!! It's for drippage when you walk in from the pool!! I love the Target monkeys…I did pass up a monkey cookie jar, even tho it was on clearance for $6!! oh well…

and then I picked up this CD…


my first real Michael Buble CD…*sigh*

it's called "It's time". Love love love love it!!!

I got a bunch of other fun stuff, like a basket for my sunscreen and bug repellent, a new kitchen trash can, a chair cover, a mat for outside that says "thanks for swimming this way". Fun fun!!

then i went to claires and got some new earrings including some little monkeys!! I'll have to take a pic…LOL!!! i dunno what's up with the monkeys! LOL!!!

Here's a LO to go to sleep with…


I haven't uploaded this anywhere yet, but I will soon!! enjoy!!

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