Quick Lift share…gotta keep those LOs coming!!

hahahaha…I have Christmas music playing and I didn't reallly notice until right now!! You know how you can set your Windows Media Player to play your whole library? I had a great CD called Glory Revealed going and right after it is an instrumental Christmas CD called Peaceful Christmas!! ahahahah!!

Tonight, my dear friend Krista, who has been really going through it (please pray for her family and the losses they have been going through lately), wanted to play…so play we did and with our good friend, Kat!! We lifted this LO that I love by joannaknnrd:


Here is my lift:


Here is Krista's:


and here's Kat's:



go and leave us all some love…or post a comment here!! If you want to get in on our nightly power lifts, leave a comment or e-mail me at sally@sallysangelworks.com with your yahoo id! we can conference and it's mighty fun!!!


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