breakfast and other fun stuff!!!

okay, so I'm addicted to BLOGGING!!! it's better than cigarettes or vodka!! LOL!!!!

I had to share my breakfast today (and yesterday…) I made these jumbo muffins yesterday. YUMMY!!! simple…betty crocker…yum…


yup….really great, even the next day!!

so yesterday I had a slow day! I was supposed to go see cora sing with her all day singing group workshop thingy that she does every year, but alas, Lillian had a bout of montezuma's revenge…too much apple juice with tacos. ugh! Anyway, lillian got so much better after her nap…


and Cora did wonderfully! Quentin took a million picture so that I would get to see her!! LOL!!

here's one…he used the action setting inside a flourescent lit room…


that's the excitement for yesterday!! just wanted to share these pics!! LOL!!

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    awwww … I hope she feels better, poor thing!

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    Mmmmm…the muffins look yummy. 😉

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    Awwww Lil looks so wiped out – poor pookie! So glad she’s feeling better!

    Okay can you show us those yummy muffins and not share the recipe!! Girl you are killing me here 🙂

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