a fun LO and confession…

So, first the confession! I'm up late AGAIN!! I'm watching my DVRed SYTYCD (so you think you can dance…) Don't tell my kids. They like to watch it with me, but I had to watch it!!!! I'll tell you my faves later when I've seen it again! I will say that this season's dancers are ALL incredible!!

And now the LO:

Cora, my dearest baby (okay, okay…she's a teenager, but I remember rocking her to sleep every night!!), is part of Danielle Young's CT and they have a new BLOG HERE. On their BLOG, they have a BLOG challenge up. You gotta do this! It's a great LO to have… Here's mine:


oh, and here's one I did yesterday for the "lift-the-pea-above-you" challenge at 2peas…


Don't forget to check out my gallery at OScraps to see all the credits and more fun LOs!

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