a bit of inspiration…

okay….to start off tonight's post I have to share a YouTube video that I absolutely love…I've not shared videos on my BLOG yet, so I'm hoping this works!! LOL!!

I just ordered the DVD and CD from worshipmusic.com…I can't wait to see it all and hear it. This is from Christ for the Nations Glorious album and DVD.

Tonight we were at my mom's and we each got to "perform" on the piano. Now, none of my children know how to play the piano, so it was pretty cute (and a bit annoying for those of us who are music snobs…LOL!!) When Oma played for them, it was beautiful (Elegie…I can't remember the composer). After Oma, it was Cora's turn. She didn't play for too long, so then it was my turn. This song is all I could think of, so I played it. Cora sang with me and I joined in on the harmony…it was gorgeous!! A very kewl moment for a mom and a worshipper!! (love those kids!!!!!)

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