Bad BLOGGING and LOs and stuff…

I’ve seen so many Bloggers have a post like this…now it’s my turn. I’m not really the best blogger and I probably won’t change UNLESS I choose to change. This is what God is teaching me right now! It’s a choice, people!! Like everything in life, we choose to live the way we live. I just choose to live on the edge. It’s a good edge! I’m enjoying myself, for sure! Can’t you tell by all of the exclamation points??

Well, seems like I should share something crafty with you today, so I’ll upload several of my latest challenge LOs for you to enjoy! And if anyone wants to apply to be my personal secretary to sit and tell me what to do next so I can get it ALL done, that would be great. I will pay you in truths!! LOL!!! It’s all I got, but it’s worth it!

For my Hodge Podge Art LO…week of Aug 6th

Ohyeah_2 go HERE to see credits and Leave LOVIN’…

My latest Lifts with a Twist LO…

Gotmilklil gotta love this one!! Credits HERE (Love, love, lovin’)

OK…Here are my two Dragonflaire Challenges LOs..You need to check these out at Dragonflaire Studios! Jenna Nelson has started thes very awesome thought-provoking challenges to get your creative juices goin’!! Jump in there and see what’s up with us there!!

Littlebearwonderdog  doncha just love this one?????? credits HERE!!

That was for Jenna’s SCRAPBOOKING STYLES challenge.

Mysamecora  isn’t SHE gorgeous????? love that pic!! Click HERE for the credits and to leave LOVE!! Go HERE to see Jenna’s IDEA EMPORIUM challenge!! too cool!!!!

well, I’m hoping that keeps you happy for a minute anyway! I promise, I’ll be back for more fun SOON!!

check my ADSR BLOG to see how we’re doing on that!

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