On vacation…

hi Everyone!!!

We are in Portland, OR having a wonderful time with Donnie’s sister and her family!! We have seen mountains and waterfalls, eating gobs of food, visited until all hours of the night 🙂 and played, played, played with our cousins!! we are off in about an hour to go to the end of the year school picnic for my nieces. 

Here are some pics from our travels…(be sure to click on the thumbnails to see the big ones!!)

at the airport…


Here is Lil with the turtle named Ninja in the Science Dept of PSU (Portland State University)Lilninjatheturtle.

And at the Columbia River…


We climbed Mount Larch and got to a gorgeous Lookout Point where you could see the 5 major mountains in the area. Here we are with Mt. Hood…


And the six of us at Multnomah Falls…


The Falls themselves…so gorgeous!!

Multnomahfallsbridge2 Multnomahfallsbridge Sallil

So we are off to the picnic. Hope your week is as stunning as ours!! More later…

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    Sally! How fun! It looks like you guys are having a blast. I see A LOT of really cool scrapbook pages in your near future with all these fantastic photos. WOW! Ahh….I wish I was there with ya! Have lots more fun!!! We miss you and can’t wait to hear all about your trip and see lots more fantastic photos!

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    OH, I love your family photo’s!!!
    I grew up just out side of Portland, Oregon!

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