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I’ve got a couple of fun LOs to show off!!

Here’s a challenge that you need to join in on at KB and Friends!!! My new HYBRID challenge is up. It’s gonna last two weeks, so let’s get to it!! Get your printers goin’!! HERE is the post that explains the challenge. Basically, make a tag!!!

Here are my examples…

Babytagboy                     Babytaggirl   

Be sure to click on the imges to see them bigger!!

Here’s my PURPLE challenge from Rhonna’s Color challenge

I am not a purple lover, but I do love hydrangeas, and Sue Cummings got the inspiration for the color of this pack of papers from Nantucket hydrangeas. You can buy her paper packs and other fun stuff HERE!

Wonderoflillian So this color challenge has been really fun!!

I haven’t done my Hodge Podge Art LO yet and I would love to do the Lifts with a TWist challenge, but alas, I am happily scrapping my mil’s birthday present…if I don’t hurryup, it will be her Christmas present!!!! YIKE!! Hopefully I’ll get it under control here in a minute. I’m doing it mainly traditionally. I may add some digipages, but I can’t decide which pages to do that way. I may just end up printing our wonderful papers if I need to. We’ll see!!

Some random pages…

Daddyslittlegirl Darlingemma


Enjoy!! For all  credits in all of these LOs, go HERE to my gallery at OScraps!

Oh, and for the BLOG prompt of Steph’s here at KBand Friends, last Friday’s was:

Name two things that need to be done, but you are procrastinating in completing.

my answer? fixing my BLOG up and my mil’s Bangkok/Nepal book!!! Gotta get to it!!

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