Dragonflaire Studios GRAND OPENING!!!!

I’m sooooooo excited about Dragonflaire Studios Grand opening!!!! It happens NEXT FRIDAY, JUNE 1st!!! Yea!!! Lots of fun prizes including ACDSee software!!! WOWEEE!

I am doing a big scavanger hunt and it will be going for 10 days!!! WOW!! Each day I will post a new clue and you can d/l a new treat from a designer from the site!!

I am meeting so many cool new people with this grand opening! I’m completely ecstatic about this site!! We already have the forums up and running. AND…I am teaching the first class that we are offering!! YIPEEE!!!! You are going to love it!! MY Sample will be posted on my BLOG and at the site this MONDAY!! Wooeee!!!

GO HERE to see what’s going on…and don’t forget to bookmark it so you can come back and play everyday!!! see you at Dragonflaire Studios!

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    Love the layout you posted yesterday, Sally!! Your MIL is so lucky! Not only did she get to go on a wonderful trip but it looks like she will have a gorgeous scrapbook to commemorate it. I keep telling the dh I want to go to someplace exotic like Nepal or Tibet.

    I’ll bookmark Dargonflaire and visit during grand opening.

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