Dragonflaire Studios happenings!!

Hi everyone!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know of a very cool new site that is starting up. We’ve been going for a bit, but we are looking for more crafters to come play with us!! You can find Dragonflaire Studios HERE.

I have a free template challenge going on right now. Just download the template and use it and post in our gallery!!It should be lots of fun!! Here’s an idea of the template…

Sallysscrappintemplate2 such a fun simple template! I love the hibiscus!

go HERE to D/L the template!!

here’s my LO using the template…

Wonder credits:
paper – Lauren Reid {52}Inspirations
mat paper- Maggie Lamarre Designs Botanical paper
template and clip – me (Sally’s Scrappin Template#2)
butterfly-Jensurge Flutterbyes

So come on over and play with us!! There is a great contest called the SECRET OF AN AVATAR with great prizes!!!!

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