First Typepad post…

Here I am trying out a new BLOG…

I am playing the trend…the typepad trend. I love the look and feel of this BLOG, but the tell-tale sign will be the ease of it! I am out of time. Time is a precious commodity that we borrow and sell at a very low price. It’s getting more and more expensive in this house!! So I need ease!I evenbought some new school books to create some ease at home. Actually, if I thought about it, the easy way out would be to just say school is over for the year, but since I am a really responsible parent (*ahem*), I decided to figure out another way to actually teach the kids a bit easier and have them still succeed and learn. We’ll see…ask me in 6 weeks!!!

Enjoy this ATC that I made for my Hybrid challenge over at KB & Friends!!


Check out the challenge and my credits HERE!

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